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Silk Embroidered Linen Panel
Kutch, Northern India
19th century

dimensions: 57cm x 58cm

This embroidery is complete, has clear age and ic coloured with natural dyes. Most probably it was part of a wedding trousseau. It is an earlier example of the type of
embroidery once found in the Kutch region. The textile was part of the corporate art collection of Lehman Brothers before the firm collapsed in 2008, and retains a
Lehman Brothers label to the back of the frame.

This textile has been professionally conserved and currently has been mounted, again professionally, on an acid-free backing and is beneath a custom-made plastic
frame. There are small areas of loss to the embroidery reflecting its age, but the textile remains bright and in a fine condition. The textile can be shipped with or without
the frame and casing.

Provenance: Lehman Brothers Corporate Collection - the textile was part of the bank's corporate collection prior to its collapse in 2008.

Gupta, S.P. (ed.),
Masterpieces from the National Museum Collection, National Museum, New Delhi, 1985.
Wheeler, M. (ed.),
Textiles and Ornaments of India, The Museum of Modern Art, New York, 1956.

Inventory no.: 1144

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