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Finely Carved Eight-Sided Ebony Measure or Staff
Sri Lanka
circa 18th century

length: 41cm, diameter: 2.8cm

The precise use of this item is unclear. It might have been used as a measure, or perhaps as a staff. An eighteenth century drawing of the King of Kandy,
seated and holding a staff of similar proportions, is illustrated in Zandvlieyt (2002, p. 256). The staff or sceptre is a symbol of his power. But then perhaps it
was used as a particularly elegant way to measure out bolts of cloth.

But it is clearly Sri Lankan, probably from Kandy or its environs. It is a beautifully produced item, of ebony, and carved on each of its eight sides with fine
scrolling flower and leaf patterns.

The patina of the item suggests an 18th century dating or perhaps earlier. Gundestrap (1991, p. 25) illustrates an octagonal 'stick' in ebony but without
carving that entered The Royal Danish Kunstkammer collection in 1694. No mention is made of its use.

The item is in excellent condition with no significant losses, cracks or repairs.

Gundestrap, B., The Royal Danish Kunstkammer 1737, Volume 2, Nationalmuseet, 1991.
Zandvlieyt, K.
et al, The Dutch Encounter with Asia 1600-1950, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, 2002.

Provenance: UK art market

Inventory no.: 1656

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