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Silver Pierced Mughal Mausoleum-shaped Incense Burner
North India
19th century

height of burner: 19cm, height with chains: 42cm, weight: 515g

This very fine incense burner, of engraved and pieced hammered sheet silver is suspended from three silver chains. It has six feet. The sides and a prominent
domed cover that pulls off are embellished with particularly fine open-work comprising trellised arabesques interspersed by flowerheads. The cover is topped
by a roundel engraved with a multi-petalled flower and a solid-cast bud-like finial.

The shape is architectural and derived from a north Indian Mughal mausoleum. Possibly, the burner was commissioned to adorn the interior of a mausoleum.
Zebrowski (1997) illustrates a variety of Deccan and north Indian mausoleums such as the mid-sixteenth century Tomb of Sultan Jamshed Qutb Shah (r.
1543-50) in the Deccan that undoubtedly provided the impetus for forms such as this incense burner.

The burner is without damage or repairs.

Zebrowski, M.,
Gold, Silver & Bronze from Mughal India, Alexandria Press, 1997.

Provenance: UK art market.

Inventory no.: 2079

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The Tomb of Ibrahim Padshah, Bejapore.