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Rare Parcel-Gilt Silver & Agate Snuff Box
Colonial India
circa 1740

length: 6cm, width: 3.8cm, height: 2.4cm, weight: 40g

This snuff box features a lid set with a single piece of oval moss agate, surrounded by a gilded silver mount. The sides are of silver engraved with a
meandering moss motif, to match the 'moss' of the agate. The lid is hinged but with an external hinge that is typical of colonial work of the time.

The foot rim is gilded to match the gilding about the lid.

The lid snaps shut tightly, and the box and agate are all in fine condition. Overall, the silver and the gilding all show a fine patina - the age of the box is clear.

Eighteenth century snuff boxes made for the colonial market (or the colonial-influenced market) are rare, and are analogous to European-style snuff boxes
made in 18th century China (see
here for an example.)

Provenance: UK art market

Inventory no.: 2754 SOLD

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