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Chalukyan-style Durga
Deccan, India
circa 12th century

height: 12cm

The complexity and exuberance of this image is typical of Deccan bronzes produced during the time of the Chalukyas, a dynasty that ruled parts of the
Deccan from 973AD to 1189AD.

It shows a central image of Durga seated in
lalitasana, with Ganesh on the left and what is probably Murugan (Skanda) on the right, as well as other deities in
attendance. The goddess has four arms and holds various attributes. Three skulls decorate the platform beneath her feet.

The image is well worn from age and ritual and its considerable antiquity is obvious. Deccan bronzes of this age are difficult to come by.

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Provenance:  UK art market.

Inventory no.: 3027

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