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Ottoman Kard with Green Nephrite Hilt & Chased Silver Scabbard
Ottoman Turkey
19th century

length: 37.2cm, weight: 275g

This fine Turkish-Ottoman kard dagger comprises a single-edged, slightly curvy, watered steel blade which ends in a sharp point; a hilt or handle of green
nephrite; and a very fine silver scabbard.

The blade is overlaid with gold with trellised palmette and trefoil motifs on both sides in the ricasso area, along with panels of
nasta'liq script further down the

The scabbard is of thick silver over a wooden core. The silver has been chiselled all over with dense foliage and flower motifs. The chape is vaguely
zoomorphic and upturned like a
makara or dragon's snout. The top of the scabbard is flattened and engraved with a row of repeated flower patterns.

The scabbard is engraved with an Ottoman Tughra silver control mark.

The hilt of a single piece of rounded and otherwise unadorned mottled nephrite has a tang button cover inset with alternating turquoise and ruby cabochons
(one ruby deficient).

Kards were used as offensive weapons in the Ottoman empire, and in northern India.

The kard here is in excellent condition.

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Provenance:  private collection

Inventory no.: 3198

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