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Short Dagger (Dha-hmyaung) with Silver-Inlaid Blade & Ivory Hilt
19th century

length: 35.3cm, weight: 275g

This small dagger has a plain, solid ivory hilt, and a blade that is decorated on both sides with silver overlay. The designs on the blade include figures in
Burmese attire amid leafy, scrolling shrubbery. Such silver overlay is achieved by lightly scoring the blade with cross-hatching and then hammering silver wire
onto the blade in the desired designs.

A wide band of silver covers the lower hilt and this terminates in applied bands of fine, twisted silver wire.

The scabbard is of plain wood that is held together by scalloped bands of silver.

This dagger is in fine condition.

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Provenance: UK art market

Inventory no.: 3410

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