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Rare Standing Brass Image of the Buddhist Protector Upulvan (Vishnu)
Kandy, Sri Lanka
18th-19th century

height: 30.8cm, weight: 1,858g

This unusual and rare cast brass image is of Upulvan, the guardian deity of Buddhism in Sri Lanka. The cult of Upulvan started during Sri Lanka's medieval
period and later the deity became identified with the Hindu god Vishnu.  According to local tradition,  the Lord Buddha entrusted Upulvan with the guardianship
of Sri Lanka and its Buddhist creed.

The deity has the standing posture of Vishnu, and elements of his attire and headdress also follow that of Vishnu as depcited in South India - however, there
are plenty of central Sri Lankan (Kandyan) elements too, such as the crown with its three points which follows that of the crown of the Kandyan kings, and the
tiered, round dais with its engraved lotus petal scrollwork.

The image is in fine conditrion witghout damage or repairs. The image itself has been cast as one piece. The rounded platform has been cast separately.

Seneviratna, A., Gateway to Kandy: Ancient Monuments in the Central Hills of Sri Lanka, Vijitha Yapa Publications, 1998.

Provenance: UK art market

Inventory no.: 3869

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