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Silver-Gilt Mamuli Pendant
East Sumba, Indonesia
circa 19th century

height: 6.8cm, width: 5.6cm, weight: 13.02g

This example of a mamuli pendant from East Sumba in Eastern Indonesia is of gilded or gold-plated silver. It has two hollow, gilded spheres applied to the
lower section.

Such pendants tended to be made either from gold of gilded silver. (See Meulenbeld (1988, p. 188) for a silver-gilt

The pendant is hollow but essentially the same on both sides. It is believed that such pendants evoke the imagery of the female genitalia. More elaborate
examples were not worn but used for ritual purposes only. The more simpler examples such as the example here were worn suspended from the neck or ears
and were worn at important festivities.

The example here is in a fine, wearable condition.

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Provenance: UK art market

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