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Beaded Necklace
Naga People, India/Burma
19th-early 20th century

length: 58cm, weight: 185g

This superb necklace of five strands of marigold-yellow, barrel-shaped tile glass beads is from the Naha people of Eastern India and Western Burma. Most
probably it is from the Konyak tribe. Wear and age have given the beads a natural encrustation and mottling.

The ends are of woven cotton leading to a shell fastener.

The Konyak are considered to be the best craftsmen among all the Naga groups; their jewellery being among the most creative and decorative.

|The example here is stable, robust and very wearable. It has a fine patina and clear age.

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Provenance: private collection, London.

Inventory no.: 4318

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