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Large, Painted Wooden Chest with Brass Fittings
Kerala, South India
20th century

length: 61cm, depth: 39.4cm, height: 37.6cm

This large, domed wooden box is from Kerala, South India and is unusual because boxes with this type of decoration usually are square, much smaller and
described as dowry boxes. The decoration is also similar to some work seen in colonial Sri Lanka.

This example has open-work brass mounts along the edges of the sides, from the base, the hinges and to serve as a latch and lock. There are two solid-brass
handles on either side.

The box is decorated in orange, yellow, black and green polychrome. The interior is covered in matt red-brown.

There is minor scuffing to the decoration here and there and minor shrinkage-related cracking but it is in a fine and stable condition without losses or repairs.
It is colourful and decorative.

Provenance: UK art market

Inventory no.: 4638 SOLD