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Small Devotional Theppanom Tile with Cream Glaze
Si Satchanalai, Thailand
15th-16th century

height: 13.2cm, width: 9.7cm

This small terracotta or stoneware tile, which is shaped as a bodhi leaf, would have adorned a public building and most probably a religious building such as a
Buddhist monastery where it would have served as an eave finial.

It is decorated with a
theppanom figure. Such celestial figures are always depicted in adoration with hands clasped to their chests and emerging from a thicket
of lotus petals.

The tile is covered in a thick, green glaze.

Such tiles  were produced in the fifteenth century in the Si Satchanalai kilns, in what is today Thailand's Sukothai Province.

The example here has a custom-made wooden stand into which it slots. There is an old chip to one side of the tile.

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Provenance: private collection, UK

Inventory no.: 4691 SOLD