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Gilded Silver Turban Ornament (Sarpech) with Peridots, Rock Crystal & a Baroque Pearl
circa 1900

length: 11.5cm, weight: 37.87g

This turban ornament (sarpech, sarpati or jigha) follows conventional form, particularly for the courts in and around Bengal. It is of gilded or gold-plated silver.
It is decorated with gold overlaid on glass that has been backed with green foil, and a border of tear-shaped rock crystal cabochons. Five tear-shaped green
peridots of olivines are suspended from the base, and a large baroque pearl is suspended form the tip.

The reverse has two loops to allow it to be attached to a turban, and a metal tube into which further decoration such as a feather could be added.

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Provenance: UK art market

Inventory no.: 4773 SOLD

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