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Single Gold Ear Ornament (Thandatti)
Tamil Nadu, India
19th century

length: 4.2cm, weight: 15.5g

This abstract ear ornament known as a thandatti is made of sheet gold filled with lac. It is large and impressive and designed to look heavy but in fact is
relatively light to wear.  The form comprises spheres, triangles and a squarish pyramidal structure which hangs down when worn.

The precise origins for the pyramidal form is not known but inspiration might be drawn form the elaborate and tall temple entrances or
gopurams of Tamil
Nadu. These, like the form here, seem based on the
yantra, the magical, geometric diagram used in tantric Hinduism.

Worn in elongated earlobes, such ear pendants were worn by wealthy women members of the (lower) Velalar Nadar caste according to Bala Krishnan & Kumar
(1999, p. 172), and by women of all castes other than the Brahmins, according to Ganguly (2007, p. 238).

Similar examples are illustrated in Ganguly (2007, p. 243), Geoffrey-Schneiter & Crick (2016, p. 90) and Untracht (1997, p. 221).

The example here is in a fine condition with light signs of wear and use. There are no losses and all is intact.

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Provenance: Collection of (the late) Paul Walter; probably acquired in London.

Inventory no.: 4995

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A gopuram at the Ekambaranathar Temple, Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu
(photographed in December 2015).