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Majapahit Chased Sheet Silver Kris Hilt
Central Java, Indonesia
14th-15th century

height: 12cm, weight: 90g

This kris handle or hilt comprises chased and engraved sheet silver over a hollow degraded metal core. The hilt is in the form or a demon-like figure with
fanged teeth, a diadem, and a sword in its right hand. The figure leans slightly to his right. Possibly, it is the demon-hero Bhima.

Originally, it was set with multiple cabochon stones (probably zircons or similar) all in box settings but mostly these are now lost.

The granular bead around the chin of the figure is a typically Majapahit affectation not seen in later
kris handles. Miksic (1990. p. 117) illustrates a gold
example from the late Classic period (AD1000-AD1400) which is very similar in form, construction and with box settings for stones and it too has an almost
identical granular beard. Indeed, the granular beard is a characteristic useful in both authenticating and dating the piece.

The hilt stands upright, unaided, on its own, which is a plus for display purposes.

Ghiringhelli, V.,
Kris Hilts: Masterpieces of South-East Asian Art, 5 Continents, 2011.
Miksic, J.,
Old Javanese Gold, Ideation, 1990.

Provenance: private collection, UK.

Inventory no.: 5050

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