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Pair of Silver Anklets
Gujarat or Rajasthan, India
early 20th century

external diameter at widest point: 11cm, combined weight: 529g

This spectacular pair of silver anklets intended for a lady is laden with hollow silver spheres attached by means of fine silver wires. The spheres look like
clusters of fruits or berries and no doubt that is the impression they are intended to convey - that of fertility and fecundity.

The anklets themselves are of hollow silver with chased designs and the myriad attached silver balls would jangle as the wearer walked.

The anklets are hinged and open when a pin is pulled out. The pin is hidden beneath one of the clusters of spheres.

Anklets with attached silver spheres tend to have their origins either in Rajasthan or Gujarat.

The examples here are particularly showy and complete.

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Provenance: UK art market

Inventory no.: 5181

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