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Engraved Silver Bride’s Ring
Berber People, Amun Siwa Region, Egypt
early 20th century

diameter of bezel: 7cm, weight: 58.42g

This extraordinary ring with its over-sized bezel is of cast, hammered and engraved silver. It would have been worn by a bride of the Berber community in the
Amun Siwa region in Egypt's isolated north east. Brides in this community traditionally wore a series of rings of which this example was the largest.

The face or bezel of the ring is engraved with an eight-pointed star. Eight was regarded as the number associated with cosmic balance.

The Siwa Oasis incorporates one of Egypt's most isolated settlements, with about 33,000 people today.  Mostly Berbers, they have developed a unique culture
and a distinct Berber sub-dialect.

A similar example is illustrated in van Cutsem (2000, p. 29).

The ring has ample signs of use and wear. It has a fine patina, and the contours of the hoop of the ring are worn smooth with age and wear.

van Cutsem, A., A World of Rings: Africa, Asia, America, Skira, 2000.

Provenance: private collection, UK.

Inventory no.: 5474 SOLD