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Islamic & Other Art from Central Asia &
the Caucasus
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From where do we source our items? We do not go on buying trips to Asia. Nor do we actively buy from dealers or suppliers based in Asia. Almost all the items stocked
by Michael Backman Ltd have been sourced from the UK - from old collections. Countless items were brought to the UK during the colonial era by colonial administrators
and the like. Other items were made in Asia for export to the UK – the UK was wealthy early: it has been a major destination for the world’s exports for hundreds of years.  
This means that most of our items have been in the UK for at least sixty to two hundred years.

The conditions in which they have been kept often has been very good – the climate is kind, and there are relatively few pests. Many items were acquired as keepsakes
and curios, meaning that they stopped being used once they came to the UK. This too has helped to preserve them and their conditions often are far better than had they
remained in their home countries. Buying from old UK sources means that the items have good provenance; it helps to avoid fakes, and items that have been amended or
embellished. It also means that our items are obtained legally – today, most countries in Asia prohibit the export of their antiques. So, because of its colonial past, the UK is
perhaps the world’s biggest source of genuine antiques from Asia, perhaps more so than Asia itself, and that is the source into which we tap.

All the items on this page are available for sale. We are based in central London, but sell to clients around the world.  
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Steel & Brass Scissors
Central Asia, probably Tashkent
late 18th century
Inventor no.: 2779
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Brass & Copper Teapot
Kokand or Bukhara, Central Asia
19th century
Inventory no.: 2742
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Parcel-Gilt Silver Bridal Comb
Turkmen People, Central Asia
early 19th century
Inventory no.: 3082
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Pair of Fire-Gilded Silver & Agate Cuff Bracelets (Bilezik)
Tekke People, Southern Turkmenistan
circa 1870
Inventory no.: 2332
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Parcel-Gilt Silver Bracelet
Kazakh People, Central Asia
early 20th century
Inventory no.: 3560
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Silver Overlaid Kindjal
late 19th century
Inventory no.: 4388
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Pair of Woman’s Niello Silver Ear Ornaments
Dagestan, Northern Caucasus, Russia
circa 1905
Inventory no.: 3763
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Parcel-Gilded Silver Buckle
18th-19th century
Inventory no.: 4672
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