Inventory no.: 2566

Malay Silver Bowl


Large, Chased Silver Bowl (Batil)

Malay People, Malaysia

19th century

diameter: 21.7cm, height: 10.5cm, weight: 308g

This large, wide silver bowl is Malay, either from the Malay Peninsula or the Riau archipelago, just beneath the Malay Peninsular (and Singapore).

It sits on a low, splayed foot, and comprises a semi-sphere with a lipped edge.

The sides are engraved with geometric motifs and scrolling floral and leaf motifs – all typically of Islamic-inspired Malay silversmithing.

The exterior base is decorated with what looks like a passionfruit flower motif.

The bowl is in a fine condition without dents or splits.


Ling Roth, H., Oriental Silverwork: Malay and Chinese, Truslove & Hanson, 1910.


UK art market

Inventory no.: 2566