Inventory no.: 3982

Oman Silver Bracelet


Hollow, Engraved Silver Bracelet

Nizwa, Oman

early 20th century

diameter (external): 8.5cm, diameter (internal): 5.6cm, weight: 65g

This hollow bracelet of hammered silver is of ‘C’ form with prominent serrations or lobes, and is of a type that was made in the Nizwa region of Oman. It is incised and punched with geometric patterns.

Similar bracelets are illustrated in Rajab (1998, p. 59).

The bracelet is wearable and in fine condition. It has a softness that comes with age and use.


Rajab, J.S., Silver Jewellery of Oman, Tareq Rajab Museum, 1998.


private collection, UK.

Inventory no.: 3982