Inventory no.: 3769

South Indian Bronze Image of Bhu Devi


Bronze Image of Bhu Devi

Tamil Nadu, South India

17th century

height: 11cm, weight: 145g

This fine bronze depicting Bhu Devi, one of the two consorts of Vishnu, is particularly well cast. It stands on a platform etched with lotus petal motifs.

Bhu Devi is depicted nearly always without a

kuchabandha or breast band, whereas the other consort Sri Devi, usually is shown with such a band.

Bhu Devi holds an open lotus whereas Sri Devi usually holds a closed lotus bud. The image has a striped dhoti, various jewellery items, and a tall, multi-tiered

karandamukuta headdress.

Conventionally, Bhu Devi is shown standing to the left of Vishnu and Sri Devi is shown standing to the right.

The image here has rounded, softened contours from ritual

puja wear, and a glossy, dark chocolate brown patina. It was acquired in the UK and most probably has been in the UK since the colonial era.


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UK art market

Inventory no.: 3769