Inventory no.: 205



An Exceptional Pair of Silver-Gilt Rosewater Sprinklers in the form of Pea Hens

North India, possibly Lucknow, circa 1800


height: 19cm,

length: 22cm


This exceptionally rare and extraordinary pair of silver-gilt rosewater sprinklers in the form of foraging pea hens. The pea hens with necks and wings chiselled and chased with birds amid foliage and flowers stand on sturdy legs, each with three-toed gilded feet. The rear of each bird is elegantly decorated with a flourish of feathers. The beaks have a single hole through which the rosewater is emitted. The sprinklers open via the shoulders which screw off in the Indian way,

ie the reverse of the European and Chinese manner (clockwise instead of anti-clockwise to open).

The stylisation of the flowers and foliage is in keeping with the styles employed on eighteenth century Indian silver, and carved sandstone plaques and screens.



acquired in India towards the end of the nineteenth century and the property of an English family thereafter.

Inventory no.: 205