Inventory no.: 552

552. Jain Bronze, India


Twenty-Four Jina Image (Caubis-Jina-Pata)

Jain Community, India

dated c.AD 1563

height: 27cm; length at base: 18.4cm

This bronze stela is relatively large in relation to others of its kind. It has all the characteristics of a fifteenth and sixteenth century Jain bronze.

The principal Jina is seated on a

gaja-simhansa or elephant-lion throne. Together with the pair of standing jinas and two sitting jinas the central figure forms a ‘five jina image’ or a pancatirthi. But with the additional jinas which are arrayed around the pancatirthi in an arch, the overall stela is a ’24 Jina image’ or a caubis-jina-pata. Other figures are attendants and celestial nymphs, some of which are seated, others stand and some yield fly whisks.

The nine planets (

navagraha) are represented on the plinth in two groups – one of five and the other of four.

Rising above the central Jina is a triple parasol from which a pendant border of strings of pearls is suspended, and on top of which sits a celestial drummer whose features have been worn smooth with

puja wear. The ornamental arch with its beaded border is surmounted by a finial in the shape of a narrow necked vase – the kalasha, as well as to either side of the arch.

The small figure of Shantidevi is to be found at the centre of the base. Above Shantidevi’s head is a half


The platform from which the throne rises is cast with three letters of script and a pair of feet to signify the donor or the commissioner of this piece.

There is a lengthy description on the reverse in Devanagari script and a date

Vikrama Samvat 162? (which corresponds with circa 1563 in the western calendar.)

Inventory no.: 552