Inventory no.: 569

569. Gold Theva Work Brooch, India


Gold Theva Work Brooch

Partabargh, Rajasthan, India

late 19th century

length & height: 3.9 cm

This beautiful brooch is made from theva work, a type of work only undertaken by Raj Soni goldsmiths from Partabargh in Rajasthan. The technique involves incising and then cutting out small scenes and images from thin 24 carat gold. This is then fused onto glass behind which green (as in the case of this brooch) and sometimes red foil is attached. The whole is then held in place by silver wire and mounted in gilded silver or gold mounts.

Typically theva wear shows village scenes or Hindu deities. This brooch shows a lion attacking a smaller animal beneath luxuriant foliage, all within a floral border, and within a silver mount.

The brooch has a silver backing. Overall, the brooch is stable and wearable.

Inventory no.: 569


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