Inventory no.: 576



Two Stained Ivory Aubergine Scent Bottles

India, circa 1880

length: 16.3cm and 14.8cm

These two delightful and finely carved stained ivory scent bottles are in the shape of the slender variety of purple and a white aubergine (

brinjal). Aubergines are native to southern India and Sri Lanka and are used extensively in the local cuisine for chutneys and curries.

The detail on this pair is well observed – the skin over the flesh is smooth and shiny, and the stem is thorny.

The thorny stem of each bottle serves as the stopper and must be twisted clockwise to remove it. This is the reverse of what is required of stoppers of bottles and the like manufactured in Europe and elsewhere but common to items made in India in the 19th century and before.

The condition of this pair of bottles is excellent; there are no losses or chips to the ivory.

Inventory no.: 576