Inventory no.: 655

655. Bourne & Shepherd Photographs, Burma


Collection of Original Photographs


circa 1880

Possibly from the studio of Bourne & Shepherd , each of these images depicts life in Burma towards the end of the nineteenth century.

Each photograph is an unmounted, original silver gelatin print.

Inventory no.: 655


Temple scene

26cm x 20.4cm

no folds or tears

Village Scene – Pounding Rice

25.7cm x 20.7cm

No folds or tears

Cantonment Gardens, Rangoon

26.1cm x 18.2cm

no folds or tears, join to paper at the bottom of the image

Royal Lakes view, Rangoon

26.4cm x 20.5cm

No folds or tears

Wood Carving at the Shwedagon Pagoda, Rangoon

20.7cm x 26.5cm

This image is reproduced in Singer N.,

Old Rangoon: City of the Shwedagon, Kiscadale Publications, 1995, p. 9.

No tears or folds, paper join to left of image, some fading along the left

Traditional Burmese River Trading Boat

19.5cm x 15.4cm

No folds or tears, minor loss to top left corner

Traditional Burmese River Trading Boat

19.4cm x 14.7cm

No tears, fold to top right corner

River Raft

20cm x 15.4cm

No tears, some folding and yellowing