Inventory no.: 3239

Antique Gilded Filigree Box, India


Gilded Silver Filigree Domed Box & Cover


18th century

height: 11cm, diameter: 11cm, weight: 198g

This elegant, circular, domed box is made entirely of silver filigree panels (including the base) set in a frame of flat and pearled silver wire ribs. The cover is hinged and has a floral-like finial. The box has been entirely gilded (gold-plated); gilding which is likely to be original.

The form has an architectural element: the form is reminiscent of the domes associated with mosques and other Islamic public buildings in northern and central India.

Probably, the work is the product of silversmiths who operated in Karimnagar, in the Deccan, and who specialised in filigree work. It is often thought that filigree work of this type was introduced to the sub-continent from the Iberian Peninsula. Certainly, there was significant demand from Europe from the seventeenth century for Indian-made filigree items.

Possibly the box was intended as a potpourri.

It is in fine, stable condition with no obvious losses. The gilding remains bright. The hinge to the cover works well, and the cover and base come together evenly.


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UK art market

Inventory no.: 3239