Inventory no.: 776

Antique Islamic Mughal Buckles


Three Koftgari-Style Silver & Gold Inlaid Belt Buckles

Kolti Loharam, Pakistan

19th century

length: 11.2 cm, height: 6.5 cm

length: 12.5cm, height: 7cm

length: 11.1cm, height: 6.3cm

Each of these steel buckles (known locally as faulad baklas), is in two parts, and decorated with gold, or gold and silver damascene inlay. Each is finely cut with bevelled edging.

The shapes of the two halves are based on the shape of a plane or

chinar leaf, a large tree commonly found in the area and in Kashmir.

The shapes and the inlay work are obviously Islamic in inspiration, with stars, crescent moons and Ottoman-inspired stylised carnation and tulip bloom heads.


a related buckle in terms of shape and decoration is illustrated in Utracht, O., Traditional Jewelry of India, Thames & Hudson, 1997, p. 240.

Inventory no.: 776