Inventory no.: 766

Antique Kashmiri Silverware, Indian, Kashmir


Large Chased Silver Water Jug

Kashmir, India

circa 1880

height: 19.5cm, width: 20.5cm, weight: 790g

This water jug is an excellent example of Kashmiri silverwork manufactured for the European market.

It is chased all over with typically Kashmiri motifs. The body is decorated with pairs of birds amid flowers and foliage within oval cartouches bordered by the bodies of snakes. The bulbous base is decorated with a dozen flower-filled lunettes. The spout is similarly chased with floral designs. The handle is cast in the shape of a serpent disgorging a snake from its mouth.

The jug does not have a lid; it is unlikely that it ever had one in keeping with European water jugs at the time which generally did not have a lid.


Acquired from the UK art market.

Inventory no.: 766