Inventory no.: 480

Antique Mongolian Monk’s Cap Ewer


Etched Brass Ewer

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

19th-20th century

height: 35.5cm, diameter at base: 14.2cm

This impressive brass ewer has tapering sides in five segments each of which is etched with dragon and Buddhistic motifs. The pourer, which is in the shape of a monk’s hat which is common among Mongolian and Tibetan teapots and ewers, is covered over with a tinned cover perforated with a Chinese ‘cash’ symbol through which water or some other liquid is poured. A separate hole closer to the pouring rim emits the liquid as it is being poured. The ‘cash’ symbol maybe purely decorative or it may have imbued the contents with some sort of luck-bringing qualities.

The handle is attached to the body by means of two hinges allowing the ewer to be swayed gently from side to side while the handle remains more or less stationary.

Overall, this is a handsome piece with good patina.


a ewer of identical form and ascribed to Ulaanbaatar is illustrated in Gotuaco, L. et al, Chinese and Vietnamese Blue and White Wares Found in the Philippines, Bookmark Inc, 1997, p. 61.

Inventory no.: 480