Inventory no.: 534

Balinese Temple Textile ider-ider


Temple Valance (Ider-Ider)

Northern Bali, Indonesia

19th century

length: 275cm; width: 35cm (approx.)

This cloth of tempera on woven cotton, probably was used to decorate the eaves of a Balinese Hindu temple or pavilion. It shows a series of scenes, painted in the Kamasan style, possibly of the Ramayana. Twenty-eight finely painted figures are shown in various poses including a central scene which shows a couple in an erotic pose on a dais.

The cloth is long with an irregular, rectangular shape. There is fraying and losses along the edges consistent with age and use, some holes, but otherwise the piece is intact and stable. Importantly, the painting is clear and fine.


part of a similar valance is illustrated in Fischer, J. (ed),

Modern Indonesian Art: Three Generations of Tradition and Change 1945-1990, 1990, p. 92. Also see Maxwell, R., Textiles of Southeast Asia: Tradition, Trade and Transformation, Periplus, 2003, p. 204.

Inventory no.: 534