Inventory no.: 950

Balkans or Ottoman Greek Silver-Gilt Bowl


Silver Gilt Repoussed Hamam Bowl


18th or early 19th century

diameter: 15.2cm, height or rim: 3cm, weight: 115g

This wide, shallow silver-gilt bowl, most probably a hamam (Turkish bath) bowl, is extravagantly repoussed with a central figure mounted on a chariot that is pulled by four birds. This scene is surrounded by a wide border of interlocking arches. The everted rim is decorated with numerous couples in combat or perhaps playing games.

The base of the bowl is slightly raised in the manner of a

hamam bowl.

Examination of the bowl under a jeweller’s loop shows the gilding to have considerable wear, and occasional light surface scratching to itself have wear suggesting considerable age. The dating that we have given the bowl might prove to be conservative.


US art market

Inventory no.: 950


The under-side of the bowl.