Inventory no.: 47

Bhutanese Silver Container


Gilded Silver Yak Butter Container

Bhutan, 20th century

height: 19 cm

This heavy, lidded silver tapering container is chased all over with typical Himalayan motifs some of which have been highlighted with parcel gilding. A winged dragon, a phoenix and a

makara, all gilded, are among cloud and vegetal motifs. The cover and the border adjacent to the base are decorated with various Himalayan Buddhist emblems such as the endless knot and a conch shell.

The base is incised with a

chakra wheel motif around a yin-yang roundel.

Heavy silver chains connect the cover to the base and allow the overall container to be suspended beyond the reach of rodents and other vermin.

The container has been used for storing yak butter. Remnants remain inside.

Inventory no.: 47