Inventory no.: 1825

Brass Malay or Indian Water Flask


Brass Water Flask (Surahi or Surai)

Northern India

19th century

height: 31cm, weight: 1,568g

This well-proportioned brass water flask sits on a flared foot, has a spherical body, and a long tapering neck over which sits a domed, tiered lid with a bud-like finial.

Very unusually, the lid is not secured by being pushed part-way into the neck. Instead, there is a clock-wise screwing mechanism which ensures that the flask can be closed very securely and tightly.

Flasks of this form may have their origins in Persia or northern India but form was replicated elsewhere including in Thailand, Cambodia and Indonesia.

Whilst it is likely that this flask is from northern India, it is possible that it might have been cast in Indonesia or Malaysia following an Indian prototype.

It has fine sculptural value, and is in excellent condition.


UK art market

Inventory no.: 1825

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