Inventory no.: 4412

Bronze Image of Lakshmi or Sri Devi, South India, circa 15th century


Bronze Image of Lakshmi or Sri Devi

South India

circa 15th-16th century

height: 21.2cm, weight: 1,006g

This cast image of Sri Devi (Lakshmi), one of the two consorts of Vishnu, is particularly fine. It dates to the Vijayanagara period, an empire that dominated South India from the 14th to the 16th century.

The image stands on a rounded dais atop a rectangular platform, all etched with lotus petal motifs.

The image is depicted, as nearly always, with a

kuchabandha or breast band. The left hand holds the remnants of a lotus stem that would have been topped with a small closed bud but the bud is now missing. It has a long dhoti decorated with stripes and cross-hatching; copious, elaborate jewellery; a spectacular, tall, multi-tiered karandamukuta headdress; and a finely rendered siraschakra to the back of the head.

The image has minimal

puja wear. It was acquired in the UK and it is likely that it has been in the UK since the colonial era, which would account for its fine condition. There are no chips or repairs, and the detailing remains crisp and well defined.


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UK art market

Inventory no.: 4412