Inventory no.: 2854

Burmese Dha


Dagger (Dha Hmyaung) with Carved Ivory Hilt & Silver Mounts

Shan people, Burma

19th century

length: 41cm

This dagger is from the Shan people of eastern Burma. It comprises a wooden scabbard with a silver chape and silver along with blue cord binding at the top of the scabbard; a single-edged steel blade; and an ivory hilt carved unusually in the pattern of either interlocking flowers, brain coral, or a brain itself.

The ivory has a superb golden-yellow patina.

Overall, this is a fine example of a

dha hmyaung short sword or dagger with clear signs of age and use. The blue binding is a later replacement.


Lewis, P. & E., Peoples of the Golden Triangle: Six Tribes in Thailand, Thames & Hudson, 1984.Provenance:

UK art market

Inventory no.: 2854