Inventory no.: 3338

Burmese Silver Betel Box


Repoussed Silver Betel Box


circa 1880

height: 9cm, diameter: 10.4cm, weight: 414g

This fine, small betel box is of repoussed high-grade silver. The base has high, plain sides of hammered sheet silver . The top or cover slides down over the base. This mode of construction is to ensure the contents are kept airtight. As such, it might also has served as a large opium container.

The top and sides of the cover are elegantly repoussed with figures in Burmese dress amid borders of scrolling foliage. The top of the cover has a central peacock motif.

The box is in very fine condition. It is heavy in the hand. The top of the inside cover has some minor nicks but these are hidden when the box is closed. Overall, this is a fine, well proportioned and attractive box, finer than suggested by the photographs.


Fraser-Lu, S., Silverware of South-East Asia, Oxford University Press, 1989.Provenance:

UK art market

Inventory no.: 3338