Inventory no.: 2966

Burmese Silver Bowl


Medium-Sized Repoussed Silver Bowl


circa 1880

height: 14cm, diameter: 23cm, weight: 917g

This intricately repoussed silver bowl shows multiple scenes of figures all in Burmese dress in medium-relief.

Each scene is in a cartouche defined by leafy flourished, male peacocks with fully extended tails and, unusually, animal heads surrounded by rosettes.

The lower frieze comprises a wide band of particularly finely rendered and elaborate repeated leaf motifs.

The upper frieze is composed of an engraved band or petal motifs and a raised scrolling orchid band.

The base is plain and unadorned.

The bowl is without dents, splits or repairs. The surface has some wear from polishing throughout the decades, which is helpful in determining that the bowl is not a recently produced bowl from Burma (Myanmar). The repousse work has many pinprick holes sometimes seen among bowls of this type.


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UK art market

Inventory no.: 2966