Inventory no.: 2710

Colinial Indian Kutch Silver Jug


Superb, Tall, Chased Silver Water Jug

Kutch, India

circa 1880

height: 31cm, weight: 1,022g

This is the finest example of a silver Kutch water jug that we have seen. Tall and slender and resting on a slightly domed foot, its most striking element is a particularly well-sculptured hooded cobra that slithers up the side in fleshy coils thereby acting as an ample handle. The head of the cobra reaches over the lip of the jug, its tongue protruding as if sniffing the contents.

The entire body of the jug is chased with scrolling, faceted foliage and flowers. And amid all this profusion are exquisitely-rendered birds in flight.

The lower base pf the bowl of the jug is embellished with acanthus-like leaves which terminate in leaf ends that rise right off the surface of the jug in high relief. These protuberances are matched by similar leaf terminals on the foot.

The jug is not signed; it doesn’t need to be. The excellence of its form and composition is obvious.


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UK art market

Inventory no.: 2710