Inventory no.: 2922

Colonial Calcutta Silver Presentation Scroll and Case


Repoussed Silver Presentation Scroll Holder & Silk Scroll

Calcutta, India

dated 1934

length (approx.): 40cm

Colonial silver presentation scroll cases usually are not as interesting as they might be otherwise because the scrolls that they were intended to house usually are missing now. But this one is different. It contains the original presentation scroll, describing in florid language how the Indian employees of the Calcutta Electric Supply Corporation will miss their British supervisor. As such it is a fascinating piece of social and colonial history.

The case itself is repoussed and chased with Indian village scenes in the way of colonial Calcutta silverwork. It opens at one end to reveal the scroll. It is also engraved in a cartouche with a presentation inscription which is consistent with the contents,


Dehejia, V., Delight in Design: Indian Silver for the Raj, Mapin, 2008.Provenance:

UK art market

Inventory no.: 2922