Inventory no.: 3442

Colonial Indian Kutch Silver Ewer


Finely Chased ‘Moon’ Flask

Kutch, India

circa 1880

height: 18.3cm, width: 14cm, thickness: 9.5cm, weight: 546g

This very decorative solid silver flask has been chased all over with Islamic-inspired scrolling leaf and flower work that is typical of colonial Kutch silver work. The work on this example is particularly fine and the chasing is unusually deep. The decoration is all against a tooled background.

The form of the jug, with its flattened, spherical body and thin neck, is reminiscent of a Chinese porcelain moon flask, which perhaps the silversmith was seeking to emulate. Otherwise, it emulates English late Victorian spirit glass decanters which had a similar flattened form.

The flask is in fine condition with a small and barely noticeable dent near the base. The detailing is still crisp. There are no splits or repairs. There are no maker’s marks. Overall, it is a beautiful piece.


Wilkinson, W.R.T., Indian Silver 1858-1947, 1999.Provenance:

UK art market

Inventory no.: 3442