Inventory no.: 3207

Gold Burmese Dha


Short Dha with Gold Collar, Gold Sheaf & Ivory Hilt

Shan States, Burma

19th century

length: 37cm, length of blade: 21.5cm

This Burmese short dha (or dha-hmyaung) has a plain ivory hilt, a gold collar and a scabbard encased in high-carat, solid-gold sheet that has been embossed all over with fine foliage inhabited by birds, and stained red with tamarind juice. The lowest section of the scabbard is decorated on both sides with applied gold filigree flower heads.

As Hales (2013. p. 17) says, ‘gold Burmese daggers are rare, the majority being made of silver.’

The hilt and scabbard are in fine condition and without losses or dents. The blade has some pitting.


Hales, R., Islamic and Oriental Arms and Armour: A Lifetime’s Passion, Robert Hale CI Ltd, 2013.Illustrated

Hales (2013, p.: 17)


private collection; acquired by the previous owner from Robert Hales, London.

Inventory no.: 3207