Inventory no.: 821

Gothic K Silver-gilt Chinese Export Silver Necklace


Silver Gilt Filigree Necklace by ‘Gothic K’

China (probably Guangdong)

circa 1825-1875

length: 66cm, height of central cartouche: 4.5cm, weight: 47g

This fine example of Chinese export gilt silver jewellery comprises ten panels (nine at the front and one for the clasp) in fine gilded silver filigree. The large central panel shows a phoenix entwined with a snake. Other panels shows butterflies and other insects and flowers.

Filigree work such as this was produced in the mid-nineteenth century for the export market – for Europe but also for the Chinese of the Straits settlements and elsewhere in Southeast Asia.

The necklace is stamped by the maker that has become known as ‘Gothic K’ as per the Gothic nature of the ‘K’ stamp used to mark his work. But the actual identity of this maker is not known.


Forbes, H.A.C. et al, Chinese Export Silver 1785-1885, Museum of the American China Trade, 1975.

Inventory no.: 821


The ‘Gothic K’ mark used to sign this piece.