Inventory no.: 3273

Himalayan Silver Monk’s Cap Ewer


Chased Parcel-Gilt Silver Buddhist Tea Ewer (Duomuhu)


circa 1900

height: 31.5cm, diameter of foot: 14.2cm, weight: 965g

This tall, finely-chased silver ewer or duomuhu, most probably was made by Nepalese craftsmen for the Tibetan market. It is finely chased all over with Himalayan scrollwork set with cartouches filled with Himalayan Buddhist deities including skeletal citipati figures. Their faces and select other features have been given gilt (gold-plating) highlighting.

The ewer is of cylindrical form. Its top emulates a monk’s cap. The lid is domed and topped by a hollow silver sphere that has been chased with leaf motifs. The rest of the lid has been decorated with three

kurtimukha masks amid leafy borders.

The handle is in the form of an ‘S’-shaped dragon. Its tail and face are gilded.

The lid fits tightly and is attached to the handle by means of a thick silver chain.

The spout issues from the mouth of a

makara and is topped by a turquoise cabochon in a box setting.

It is in fine condition with no repairs or losses. It is an impressive piece.


UK art market

Inventory no.: 3273