Inventory no.: 1210

Indian Mughal Ewer


Mughal Bronze Ewer

Northern India

18th century

height: 33cm

The form of this north Indian ewer is typical and encountered not infrequently. The tear-shaped body stands solidly on four small feet, and the neck tapers and then widens to a lidded mouth. But several details mark this ewer out as a better quality example. The spout is strong and lightly faceted. The design work cast on the body is of better quality than usually encountered. And the ‘S’-shaped handle has been cast with elaborate and carefully rendered tiger and makara heads at either end. The lower finial especially more typically ends in a simple bud-like finial but here there is a dramatic long-snouted makara with a gaping mouth.

The domed lid has an architectural quality not unlike the Mughal domes of northern India. It is cast with additional geometric design and is surmounted by a bud-like finial.

The ewer is heavy in the hand, has a good patina and is free of any dents, repairs of holes. Overall, the condition as with the form, is excellent.


UK art market


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Inventory no.: 1210