Inventory no.: 8

Islamic Bukharan Tea Pot


A Superb Copper & Brass Teapot


early 19th century

height: 34 cm

This highly unusual engraved brass teapot features an engraved copper rim and spout tip. The base is also of copper, decorated beneath with a floral motif, as are the rivets that secure the cover and handle to the body.

The ‘S’ shaped handle terminates with a lotus bud and is engraved on the shoulder with a fish. The cover also has a lotus bud finial below which lotus petals are engraved. (Lotus buds and fish and among the defining motifs of Central Asian metalwork.)

The body is engraved with bands of scrolling flowers and leaf motifs, the base being cast with a central almond-shaped lozenge either side, which is also engraved. The flared foot is engraved with a band of stylised flowers.

Over all, this is an exceptional example of Central Asian metalwork, in excellent condition and with a beautiful, soft patina.


similar teapots are illustrated in Kalter, J. and Pavaloi, M.,

Uzbekistan: Heirs to the Silk Road, Thames & Hudson, 1997, p. 315, 321.

Inventory no.: 8