Inventory no.: 2728

Islamic Spanish Scissors


Islamic-Influenced Silver & Brass Inlaid Scissors


18th-19th century

length: 24.5cm, weight: 238g

This very fine and unusual example of textile scissors or sheers is of steel inlaid to the outer blade on both sides with brass and silver. The inlay design shows distinct Mudejar or Moorish influence typical of southern Spain.

The blades are slightly concave, similar to the scissors produced for paper and Koran trimming in the Muslim world, most particularly in Ottoman Istanbul, although less pronounced.

The handles are big and tear-shaped with the steel used to make them has been fashioned into a tight curl where they terminate. The handles are the continuation of the single piece of steel used for each blade.

The scissors are in fine condition with only very minor losses to the inlay. The scissors are noticeably heavy in the hand.


UK art market

Inventory no.: 2728