Inventory no.: 1378

Ivory Bracelets, Sumba, Eastern Indonesia


East Sumba, Indonesia

19th century

outer diameter: each 9.2cm (approx.), width: each 4cm (approx.) weight: 157g & 164g

This splendid pair of ivory bracelets from the Lesser Sunda Islands in East Sumba, eastern Indonesia, has a superb, honeyed patina. They are of thick, shaped ivory with ridged, concave exteriors and exhibit a pleasing smoothness from handling and wear.

Such bracelets were classified as ‘female goods’ and were presented by the bride’s family to the groom’s family. Other ‘female goods’ such as textiles, porcelain and beadwork were given with the bracelets. The groom’s family presented the bride’s family with ‘male goods’ such as

mamuli, brass bracelets, gold chains and swords in return (Capistrano-Baker, 1994, p. 103.)Note A CITES certificate will be required for this item to be sent outside the EU. We can organise this – it usually takes around one week. The item can then be legally exported from the EU to the US, Australia and most other destinations.


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UK private collection.

Inventory no.: 1378