Inventory no.: 1938

Javanese Golok Sword


Golok Sword with Horn, Bone Hilt & Silver Mounts

West Java, Indonesia

19th century

length: 63cm, weight: 743g

This fine golok sword is typical of West Java, Indonesia. It has a single-edged steel blade that is slightly curved and which finishes with a point.

The hilt is of finely carved and pierced horn and is on the form of a stylised

wayang figure. The hilt is embellished with two carved bone rings. The cross-guard also is of horn and also incorporates a bone ring that is carved with repeated petal motifs.

The hilt is encased in wood with silver bands and silver sheet decorated with engraved motifs, including a European-style coat of arms with a rampant lion and a dragon to either side. The other motifs are more typically Islamic-Malay featuring scrolling vegetal motifs, particularly on the chape.

The blade is inlaid in brass near the hilt with the letters: ‘S.L.M.T.P.K.’ It is not clear what these letters mean. Although together with the aforementioned coat of arms, the letters suggest noteworthy provenance.

Brinkgreve & Sulistianingsih (2009. p. 151) illustrate a sword with a similarly carved hilt but with a blade etched with

jawi which dates to before 1821 and which had belonged to the Sultan of Palembang – probably a gift from West Java.


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UK art market

Inventory no.: 1938


Detail, showing the coat of arms, worked into the silver on the scabbard.