Inventory no.: 2743

Kokand or Bukhara Brass Teapot


Brass Teapot

Kokand or Bukhara, Central Asia

19th century

height: 36.5cm

This finely detailed ewer was made to serve tea rather than coffee in the region of Bukhara or Kokand in Central Asia. It is of finely engraved brass.

The body is engraved with scrolling bands of interlocking scrolling flower and leaf motifs. There is a central raised tear-drop cartouche engraved with flowers and tendrils that is reminiscent of traditional Timurid designs. The lid is high, domed and pierced. It is topped by a high architectural finial.

The flared foot is also finely engraved.

The handle is in the classic ‘S’ shape, and appears to be based on a stylised

makara with jaws gaping; the bottom jaw being attached to the neck of the tea pot and the upper jaw attaching to the lid. The rivets used to attach the handle to the flange of the lid appear as eyes for the makara.

Several words in Arabic script are engraved to one side of the upper part of the handle. The other side is decorated with cross-hatching.

The teapot is in excellent condition.


Kalter, J. and Pavaloi, M., Uzbekistan: Heirs to the Silk Road, Thames & Hudson, 1997.Provenance:

UK art market

Inventory no.: 2743